Sunday, July 26, 2009

food testing.

Wedding preparations are at a standstill at the moment.
Nothing has been done since I booked the hall and photographer. *gulp*
Work and falling sick have been occupying my time. Sigh.
I managed to drive to TTDI yesterday afternoon to check out the food by Mutiara Catering.
They actually provide pre-packed test food for us to takeaway.
I must say that the food was pretty delicious !
I need to make up my mind as soon as possible. Looks like their January slots are slowly getting packed. Yikes.

Melissa R.

Monday, July 13, 2009

wish list.

Here's a little something I did to help you people get an idea of what to get for us for our wedding.
Our very own wedding registry !
Just check it out, if you cannot afford those things on the list (they do not have to be the exact same brand etc etc), cheaper alternatives are also accepted. Hehe.
I'd rather people get us things that we really want and need. :)
But please bear in mind that we accept other gifts lah ok. :p
So off you go, click click shop shop. :p

Melissa R.

what's yours ?

My favourite time of the day would be before I go to bed.
Because, even though we're miles apart, that's when I get to hear you. :)

Melissa R.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

panic attack at work.

I am at work.
I am freaking out about the catering for my reception which has not been booked.
Also anxious about the outfit I am gonna wear for my reception which I have not started scouting for.
Mr Sunshine came down this weekend but instead of settling the two mentioned above, we went searching for our hantaran items and rings. In the end we did not get anything done, except for reassess (and readjust) our wedding budget together.
Can I panic now ?

Melissa R.